Search Process

FAN2013871-400x267Once we have defined your company’s hiring needs, our process encompasses a variety of services and standards to ensure the highest quality of candidates.

Develop Client Profile and Job Description

Your Stephens Little Superior consultant works in partnership with you to determine duties and responsibilities within a specific job description. Additional information obtained to effectively represent and sell your organization and opportunity includes: company profile; insurance benefits; bonus programs; and additional perks.

Customized Recruiting

While we have an extensive database of pre-qualified candidates, our team is prepared to conduct a targeted recruiting campaign for your specific needs. This process allows us to identify candidates not otherwise on the market and available for consideration.

Interview Process

Our candidates are thoroughly evaluated through a patterned interview process to evaluate:

  • Current/previous experience
  • Salary progression
  • Reasons for leaving
  • Criteria for change, which also includes location perimeters and salary expectation

Skills Testing

We administer a variety of skill-assessments pertaining to a candidate’s previous experience. All testing is conducted through and validated by ProveIt! and results are available upon request.

Background and Reference Checks

The Admin/Clerical team prides in conducting thorough reference and background checks.  We verify employment with previous supervisors who provide personal knowledge of the individual’s over-all performance.  Background checks are preformed on all candidates and drug testing (10 panel screening) is available upon request. The reference process ensures a full and accurate overview of candidates represented.  Upon request, a reference synopsis for a specific candidate will be made readily available for your review and consideration.


Due to our thoroughness in obtaining a complete overview of a client’s job description and a candidate’s work history, we are able to effectively present the best qualified candidates for a client’s specific hiring needs. Through this process, once a candidate meets with our client, we consider them to be in the second interview phase. After interviews take place, we conduct a debriefing with our candidates and promptly contact the client to determine interest level and how to proceed forward with each candidate represented.


We guarantee our services 100%. This guarantee serves as a client’s insurance policy on their investment in hiring our candidates. Due to the comprehensive recruiting and screening process, We consistently achieve a 98% success rate, which is unmatched in the industry.

Post Placement Follow-Up

Once a candidate has been successfully placed with a client, we are then committed to taking the additional steps of ensuring satisfaction with periodic follow-up calls to both the client and candidate.

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