Contract Services

stock-00024In addition to our Direct Hire recruiting services, Stephens Little Superior can assist you with contract professionals to fill interim assignments, even at the highest executive levels. Interim Associates gives you access to seasoned professionals that have the ability to make an immediate impact on your workforce. We can supplement your permanent staff on a contract basis to account for sudden changes in business such as rapid growth, start-up, consolidation, relocations, mergers & acquisitions, and government projects, or for recurring scenarios that require additional headcount and expertise.

When to Use Contract Services

In the fast-paced world of business, there are many reasons to use contract staffing. Whether it is to fill a void caused by a short or extended absence of an employee, or an increased workload, contract professionals assigned through Stephens Little Superior can assist with all your needs.
Other such needs may include:

  • Short term, Long term employee leave, FMLA leave
  • Relieve existing staff workload when undergoing a hiring freeze or recent turnover
  • Undergoing a systems conversion and/or HRIS system
  • A start-up company in the early stages – formation of a Human Resources Department
  • Performing due diligence for an acquisition
  • A company experiencing Chapter 11 or Chapter 7
  • Company relocation
  • Quarter-end, year-end
  • Long-term projects
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